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Bluetooth adapter MUNDO



Skladom: 300
EAN kod: 0000000000000
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28,54 EUR

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Folding laptop table + STICKY MAT ZDARMA

Pro každý nákup dodavame Sticky Mat zdarma ako darek !!

Odesilame take na Slovensko pres Zasilkovna.Sk

PORTABLE - due to the compact size and folding legs, you can take it with you on a journey or somewhere else; when folded, it takes up relatively little space. Made of aluminum and plastic, making the product light.

COOLING COVER - powered by USB, permanently mounted under the table, the fan makes the laptop better ventilated and reduces the risk of overheating.

SPECIFICATION - dimensions (dł / szer / wys) 27/48 / 48cm; weight 1.45kg.

ADJUSTMENT OF SETTINGS - adjusting the angle of the table top makes it easier to use and provides comfort, and locking tabs make the laptop is stable and does not slip off the table. Adjustable legs make it possible to place the table in different positions, and consequently, use it in various places, such as sitting on a chair or lying in bed; universal application.

MOUSE PLUG - can be mounted to the side table, which has a positive effect on the comfort and health of the wrists (they do not get tired).


black colour

dimensions (length / width / height): 27/48 / 48cm

Weight: 1.45kg

weight with packaging: 1.69kg

An innovative laptop table should certainly be in your home as well as outside of it. If you spend a lot of time at the computer, work or use it in a hobby, you can do it better than before! The applied 'smart design' solutions affect a number of advantages of this product and make it extremely functional.

Due to its compact structure and relatively low weight, the table is mobile. Due to its compact dimensions, it can be successfully used at home, in bed, on the move or wherever it is needed. It is folded, so you will take it with you easily and it will not take much space.

Through adjustable, folding legs, you will adjust the table top to your requirements and improve the comfort of use. You can set the laptop table in several positions, according to individual expectations.

Black color makes it impossible to see any dirt on it. The smooth surface makes it easy to clean. The durable material guarantees that there will be no discoloration on it, even if the temperature of the device is on.

The possibility of mounting a mouse pad on the side affects the comfort of use and health of the wrists, which are less fatigued due to the correct positioning. The table top is made of aluminum and the legs are made of plastic. Thanks to this, it is stable, durable but light at the same time. It also guarantees that the top will not deform.

Another advantage is the manual adjustment of the table top angle (from 0 ° to 180 °) and two small locks on the front, which keep the laptop in place and make sure it will not slip.

A cool fan built in at the bottom is a great idea, protecting the equipment against overheating and thus improving its efficiency and life. A windmill works connected to a USB port. In addition, holes were cut in the countertop that support the air flow.

A table is an excellent, practical gadget. It is also suitable for a gift for children and adults. Certainly it will perform its function for a long time, regardless of the age of the recipient.




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